Pi Beta Phi

University of Memphis

I came from a small town where everyone knew everyone. You could not step outside your front door without seeing a friendly face. Coming to Memphis I was so nervous because of how big the city seemed compared to my little town. I went through rush to find a group of girls who I could call my family. On open house night, I met this wonderful woman named Shawdi. She soon became my role model. We talked about Criminal Minds and my family all night. The next night was philanthropy and I immediately fell in love with Pi Phi's work that they do not only world wide but community wide. On sisterhood night they showed how close they really were, but it wasn't until Pref night that I truly knew I was a Pi Phi. A young woman got up and spoke about how her grandmother had recently passed as well and coming to college no one really understood why I was the way I was, but Pi Phi understood. I fell in love with how genuine and excepting these girls were to not only me but anyone and everyone that came through the recruitment process. I now serve as VP Administration. My love for Pi Phi has only grown stronger through getting to serve my chapter and make it the best it can be -Talia Hinson