Chapter Leadership

Chapter President: Haeleah Lester
Vice President Community Relations: Jamie Baroff
Vice President Finance/Housing: Jacoa Ash
Vice President Member Experience: Brynn Myers
Vice President Operations: Claire Haney
Vice President Recruitment: Taylor Shive
Vice President Risk Management: Karen Benedict
Director Academics: Jane Campo
Director Housing: Anna Applebaum
Director Lifelong Membership: Bailee Norris
Director Member Conduct: Hailey Fletcher
Director Member Finances: Samantha Massey
Director Membership Selection: Olivia Vires
Director New Member Experience: Cayman Cash
Director Policy and Prevention Education: Emma Joslin
Director PR/Marketing: Valarie Breckenridge
Director Recruitment Events: Caroline Frazier
Director Social Events: Amelia Hopper
Director Service and Philanthropy: Kaitlyn Edwards